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May 13, 2022

Ex-TTOC official dies

Source: Trinidad Express FORMER TRINIDAD and Tobago Olympic Committee assistant secretary general Wendell Labastide died…
May 12, 2022

Progress cannot be rushed

There are so many different views about almost everything under the sun.
May 03, 2022

Ex-TT Olympic Committee president held strong views on equality

FORMER president of the TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) Brian Lewis said creating a level playing…
April 30, 2022

DIANE HENDERSON CREATES HISTORY…becomes first female President of the TTOC

EXPERIENCED SPORTS ADMINISTRATOR Diane Henderson became the first female and, the eleventh President of the…
April 24, 2022

[Source: Newsday] 15-year-old hero saves doctor from drowning in Tobago

Newsday An original article from Newsday TT It was April 7, the second day of…
April 24, 2022


It takes some­thing spe­cial to stand out in the Olympic games, where more than 11,650…

2022 TTOC Marathon Walk


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The control and development of the modern Olympic Games was entrusted to the International Olympic Committee by a Congress held in Paris on the 23rd June 1894. The International Olympic Committee is a body corporated by International Law, having juridical status and perpetual succession with headquarters in Laussanne, Switzerland. The Committee is not formed for gain or profit, and at this stage I may mention the chief aims of the Organisation, namely:

"To encourage the organization and development of Sports and Sports Competition".
"To inspire and lead Sport within the Olympic ideal, thereby promoting and strengthening friendship between the sportsmen of all countries". "To ensure the regular celebration of the Olympic Games".
"To make the Olympic Games even more worthy of their glorious history, and of the high ideals which inspired their revival by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and his associates".

The International Olympic Committee is a unique Organization in that it is a permanent one and self-perpetuating. Recommendations are not made by National Olympic Committees for membership to the International Olympic Committees, rather, the International Olympic Committees select persons which they consider suitable material, provided they speak English or French, and are citizens of and reside in a country which possesses a National Olympic Committee recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In theory, the rules state that the Executive Board should submit to the International Olympic Committee the names of the persons whom it recommends for election to it. How the name or names crop up is not clear, but Lord Killanin, a former President of the International Olympic Committee, in his Memoirs, indicated that it was the practice of most of the previous Presidents to make nominations of new members, and this was invariably accepted by the Executive Board. It is clearly stated in the Olympic Charterhat members of the International Olympic Committee are representative of the International Olympic Committee in their countires and not their Delegates to the International Olympic Committee. From its members, an Executive Board is chosen at stipualted periods.

What is the Team Selection Process? In addition to ensuring that Trinidad and Tobago is suitably represented at the Olympic Games, there are other Games which are held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee, and at which Teams from Trinidad and Tobago compete. These are: The Central American and Caribbean Games. The Commonwealth Games. Pan American Games. In accordance with the present Constitution, the Executive Committee selects representatives Teams for the above mentioned Games, and this is done from nominations made from the various affiliates, who are the sole authorities for their respective Sports.